Living in Sweden

If you believe the reports, Sweden is one of The Best places to live in the world.

I’m not talking about that, though. Stockholm Syndrome is defined to be the relationship between the captor and the prisoner, where the prisoner identifies with the captor.

My brain gives me Stockholm Syndrome.

I’m quite baffled how, daily, I repeat the same not-toxic, not-helpful, habits that keep me firmly where I am, without even realising I’m doing so:

  • Enough confidence to thrive; enough doubt to live on edge
  • Enough intelligence to shine; enough stupidity to not know how to accept love
  • Enough fortitude to face the day and conquer; enough insecurity to not change my course
  • Compassion in buckets for others; not enough compassion for myself
  • The love of winning, but turmoil of winning over others

Give me hygge any day.

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