All You Need Is Love

It’s really true, the Beatles knew it all!

Work Love

I believe in this.  Both your love of your work, plus the platonic love that exists within a multi-faceted team as together they leverage individual strengths and have each others’ back through tough projects and together make successes.

Not forgetting, the forgiveness and learning when things go wrong, as they will, and people learn and grow.

Past-Time Love

I believe in this.  The way doing something hedonistic for you and only you (or maybe with or for others), will make your heart sing and the liberation it serves swell within you with the magic of the moment.

Not forgetting the sadness of a wasted opportunity or event: “A life lived in fear is a life half-lived”: Baz hits the nail on its head.

Friendly Love

I believe in this.  I actually believe in this more and more.  The more I get to know people and how they became who they are, the more I find is interesting and amazing about them, the more I admire them, the more I love them.  Those that have your corner, and you have theirs!

Not forgetting how resilient people are when there are fallings-out.

Lover Love

I believe in this.  That relationship that make you explode inside and fill your whole being with stability, confidence, happiness.  At a minimum!  Or simply some fantastic time between the bedsheets (not necessarily located between the bedsheets)!

Not forgetting that it’s important to have heartbreak.  To be a heartbreaker, and have your heart broken.  So that when you fall in love, you will know!

Not forgetting as well that I have written this as a 1:1 relationship – maybe it’s not like that! 😀


I believe in this!  Out of these loving highlights, I find this the hardest one to feel.  Self-esteem / self-confidence … to me it is an elusive feeling / conviction that flutters by on occasion, never stays for long.

Not forgetting, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for nothing – no one is going to tell you in this life what to do than you: if you’re not telling yourself then you will be doing anything and everything that those in your life are telling you.  You better have surrounded yourself with the Lovers, Friends, Past-Times and Work that you love!


I wish I could hang on to these feelings!

Animal Farm – Part II

“Equality of Opportunity”

was the phrase he used as we were sitting out in the sun drinking specialist beer in the backstreets of an up-and-coming suburb.

It’s that which exactly winds me up, or inspires me, depending which way I’m looking at it.

I *hate* that humans pigeon-hole each other

racism, sexism, ageism, heightism, classism, …: by defining groups, creating equality, those very communities and -positive- associations that give us belonging, and attributing them to -negative- presumptions: why does it even make sense to do the negative association?  We are all individuals with unidentified potential.

I *love* that humans are our own underdogs

whomever you meet, see, talk to, read about, listen to, watch, pass-by, encounter, …: each equally has their own aspirations, inspirations, dreams, innate capabilities, things to learn, potential to fulfil.  And seeing those that defy their (mental) confines, make their own opportunities to become themselves and, in doing so, become others’ super-heroes, is Just Freaking Awesome.


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