da nuh — da nuh — da nuh – da nuh – da nuh – danuh danuh danuh danuh

Really, Anxiety?  Today?  All day long?

Today I was anxious.  Not just in part – lingeringly, from the moment of putting on my jacket to leave the house in the morning, right through til 85 seconds into class tonight.  That’s 11h, 4mins and 25 seconds.  da nuh — da nuh — da nuh – da nuh – da nuh – danuh danuh danuh danuh DANUH DANUH DANUH …

Normally I don’t notice it.

But what is “normal”, anyway?  And why should I have to “not notice it”?  But what is making me feel this way?  And who knows?

Why do I have to “be vulnerable” when I feel vulnerable, in a place where I *am* vulnerable?

Brene Brown is suuuuuper-awesome.  Really on truly.  And alright, in the office, I am not literally vulnerable.  But I am also not in a mindset to expose to my boss or colleague – or hey, even MYself – what it is that is making me on edge.


One step further toward the edge … who knows what is in that water…

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