… Please Stand Up

I Spent Today In Training

And what I don’t understand is why I resented the proposed change.  I resent having to deepen my voice to get my message across; to manipulate my walking pace when entering a room to be taken seriously; to think of what prejudices are against me and adjust myself so that those are not the dominating memory in the recipient’s mind.


And Yet, Every Other Wednesday

I have an hour of psychology one on one, discussing whether I am ready yet to adjust my perception of my younger self and the struggles she had, so as to adjust my mindset today to be able to stand up to others and state and execute my own opinion, which would also lead to continued improvement of self and life success.


In Between Times

It deeply saddens me to hear of others in all walks of life who do not have someone to talk to, to get themselves out of their own head, into the open air, and be accepted – just as they are, or who they want to become, or get away from.


Will the real Mrs Mets …

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