The Cat with the Toast

Have you heard the one about the cat with the toast?

Actually, it’s not really a joke.

It’s a play on two “facts of life”: that, when dropped, a cat will always land on its feet, and a slice of buttered toast will inevitably land butter-side-down.  Thus, the question: suppose a slice of buttered toast is buckled to a cat’s back: which way up will the cat with the toast land?  Feet first, or butter-side down?


My brain feels like that.

And, as with the cat and the toast, it’s a “fact of life” and there’s no good reason for it.

I’ve been seeing a psychologist weekly now for two years, and my brain never ceases to amaze me (sarcastically, and really).  Sometimes I feel like the progress I make is glacial, other times I feel like I’ve made an instant revelation.

This week’s revelation came from watching Heidi Grant Halvorson explaining Be Good mindset and comparing that with my own feelings of office pressure: imposter syndrome.  Like the cat with the buttered toast on its back, I feel like I’m journeying on a moebius strip through my (work) life.  The imposter syndrome keeps my feet too firmly grounded, and the Be Good that I learned means that I always have to do better: the combination rotating to propel me towards undoubted “success”.


What I’d love for my own success is to unbuckle the cat.

And maybe eat the toast.


The cat … where’s the toast?


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